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Great Job 

Seasons greetings. I would like to thank everyone for their support and the awesome job you all did on MPTV.TV. I receive many compliment of the site. and I find this is because of the assistance offered by you all. Great Job, Keep up the good work and I will be in touch. God Bless everyone of you.Potranet on December 3, 2013



More then I dreamed


Thanks again. This is even more then I dreamed it was going to be on a custom work we created based on Hulu


it looks fantastic

Thank You! the Multi Video Proxy looks fantastic. The quality of the picture and sound is incredible. Very High Definition.
 It is so funny the video you chose for the demo. I say this because I have been watching that video using the old version for the last hour. It is a great concert with Simon and Garfunkel. Have a super evening Mark and say hi to Danny if you see him.

  • Sent by Mike – August 16, 2013

Again thanks

Guys I can’t thank you enough, it really means a lot that you got this to work. I didn’t know if I had been blacklisted by the youtube api as I couldn’t explain the issues any other way. Thanks again..I am still dealing with some player load delays but i’ll solve that by upgrading my memory and server cores. Again thanks, this is why I keep doing business with the team at modmyscript..you guys know your stuff.

  • Submitted By: Arnaldo


excellent support

Thanks a lot for your excellent support! I’m liking very much your mods and your help
  • Submitted By: Vasco


Thank you for your great customer service

  • Submitted By: Noam S.

Super Cool

Thank You so much, The Plimus integration to the site is Super Cool. Everything Just worked. I am very impressed by you. Of course i will keep working with you in the future for sure. 

  • Submitted By: Bini

Good work

So i say thanks a lot. You cant imagine how lucky i am about your very fast and good work. 

  • Submitted By: Peter

you guys rock

My experience with the youtube flv proxy HD Plugin I’ve been using this for almost two years now, and the only issue so far has been when Youtube have updated their code. But last night was outstanding for Modmyscrip​t Support: Ireported the issue of youtube videos had stopped working and got a patch within two hours, you guys rock! Now thats what I call support!

  • Submitted By: John

it works perfectly

i am very happy with the games plugin. it works perfectly on phpmelody default template.

  • Submitted By: Wayne


I would’ve bought Ice from modmyscript.com if they had told me it would make my phpmelody site more enjoyable. 

  • Submitted By: webbie

Great Job

I just like to say that you guys are doing a great job when it come to your work and customer service. Great job guys on this HD plugin

  • Submitted By: Tomllin

Done and completed

Congratulations to you for getting the job done, that most have failed to do… Great job,.. it really feels good to get this job done and complete..

  • Submitted By: Tom

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N !!!

I always be sure that you fix this problem, thank you very much, I test it and it is great, exact what I want. Have a nice weekend and be sure you will get new tasks from mine!

  • Submitted By: Weltkrieg

Thanks dude. ..

it worked beautifully … u are insaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .. how the hell do u make such cool stuff .. lol

  • Submitted By: Qassim


Having installed your script, i am very happy with it. it works perfectly on my template

  • Submitted By: Twidal


thank you, exactly what I want! I kiss you! Thanks

  • Submitted By: Weltgrieg

Outstanding work guys

I’ve come to you many times pulling my hair and have given me great support at all times, I know we don’t always get it right the first time but you pull out all the stop’s to help when its needed. We use most of your plugins now just the facebook login, which will be added sometime this month. Thanks Modmyscript.

  • Submitted By: Sammy

ModMyScript are cool

very cool, they fixed a bunch of stuff and are patient with crazy people like me, so well done guys, I recommend them

  • Submitted By: Audiomonk

What i get, is great

The task for modmyscript was to built in an Adsystem-Plugin for my videoplayer. What i get, is great!  thanks to the people of Modmyscript and be sure you get a new task from mine!

  • Submitted By: weltkrieg

thank you very much modmyscript

for the great support! had a problem implementing plugin to a new theme, support solved everything within a few minutes. thumbs up!

  • Submitted By: hippie

perfect job

Thanks to the modmyscript team for the perfect job on my site about the hd proxy and fb login/comments/invite After a time it’s run very fine! Your Team is perfect and very helpfull when i have any kind of problem

  • Submitted By: morane

thanks a million

i want write some words about my experience with modmyscript.com. Modmyscript change my website in a Non-Music-Site. In summary i’ll be very surprised about the work from the team of modmyscript. I discover for the first time the ticket-system by modmyscript and it is working really good. Some Task from mine were immediately done. I get always response to my Questions in a few hours, great! I am very happy with the support of modmyscript, solution to the problems fast and friendly service, I hope they continue in this line. Done and working, thanks a million.

  • Submitted By: ciberlinker

nice working with you

I could write and write, but the work from modmyscript you can see on my website, look yourself and you will see how great they work. Thank’s to Dan and the whole Team from Modmyscript.com, a really nice working with you

  • Submitted By: welkrieg

nice relationship

I just think that,… what all we’ve been through in the last pass few weeks our relationship should be closer than just business… we should have a relationship which weighs more than just a customer… 

  • Submitted By: Tom

seriously this game feeder plugin is really cool

  • Submitted By: dannie
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