Direkt Youtube for PHP Melody



The product is offered as leased (it includes free updates and support during the subscription)
It includes: automatic updates, fixies, regular updates while the subscription is active.
When Youtube changes the code, the plugin is fixed in our api server and the fix is automatically applied to all clients without any intervention.

Version: 8.60 – July 4, 2017 (the revision of the API server)
Updated to work with PHP Melody 2.7.x and as a standalone product via API requests

Demo here (all categories marked with the Youtube logo)

The DY – Direct Youtube for PHP Melody – Multiquality Edition will allow you to play the Youtube videos directly (in HD) in your own players  already installed in your PHP Melody Video Script with NO Youtube logos. Natively, not hidden. Also, your videos will show NO Youtube ads anymore.
In the same time, on the mobile version of PHPMelody, the plugin doesn’t show anymore the Youtube logo.

Easy to install, works with all Youtube videos already inserted or with the videos you will add to the database.


1. No more embed Youtube videos
2. no more Youtube logos in your videos
3. You will be able to play the Youtube videos in your PHP Melody players. In HD.
4. no more accidentally clicks on the Youtube embedded player and thus redirect to Youtube.com
5. you will be able to add your own ads and player logos
6. No applets used. Just clean video getting
5. easy to install: the plugin needs few files copied and 2 changes in the PHP Melody code


Features of the version 7/8 of the plugin:

–  it works with PHPMelody 2.7
–  it enables the multi-quality in JWPlayer6 (by default it starts in 360p)
–  in JWPlayer5 the video starts in 360p quality and the visitor can select the 720p at his willing (HD On/Off)
–  currently it can play 720p, 480p and 360p.
–   intelligent failover system for the streams
–  easy to install


Questions and Answers

  1. I have the default PHPMelody via JWPlayer and I can hide the Youtube logo with my own logo. Why should I buy your plugin?Answer: You hide the Youtube logo but this doesn’t mean that in your player you wont see the Youtube ads. On contrary. 
    In the same time, it is forbidden to use the Youtube videos together with Adsense, for instance.Our plugin streams ONLY the Youtube direct video stream. This way, there are no ads, logos and it plays even in the countries or institutions where Youtube is banned.

    2.  Does it work the mobile PHPMelody ?

        Answer: Sure. It is compatible with all devices. Your visitors will see no Y. logo.

    3.  Are the Youtube streams hidden?

   Answer:  Yes. If somebody check your source they will see something like: http://domain.com/files/video/492993.flv and so on.

   4. What is happening if Youtube change their videos algorithm

  Answer: We are notified and we change our APIs so your videos will work even without your intervention. Since 2009 we managed to offer our service without interruptions.

   5. Why the plugin is offered as leased ? 

  Answer: The API infrastructure cost a lot to have it online. We have around 800.000 hits and even more. In order to offer a good service we have 2 servers for APIs and there is another one ready to work if they fail somehow.
Moreover, the APIs are always debugged and check and our techs needs to be paid in order to do it and offer the best service.
Anyway, we will always try to offer the service at the best prices (monthly our customers pay the price they pay for a good cup of coffee)

6. Can I offer my visitors the videos I have from Youtube to download them?

Answer: Of course, they can download the videos if you want to. It is up to you.







  • Alex Gio

    The best plugin around. It simply works. Got the installation service and Dan installed it in 10 minutes on Sunday!

    I use their hosting as well. Very pleased.

  • Cluk

    Fast delivery and nice plugin. Smooth play on my website now.
    Thank you.

  • Thomsin allan

    After few days of testing I decided to implement it in my main website. Fast video loading and no issues so far. I use it for 2 months already.

    I want to thank Dan for all the support.

    The support is better and better.

  • jawad

    youtube banned in pakistan. can i run youtube in pakistan via this player on phpmelody4.2 version.

    • ModMyScript.com

      sure. It can p[lay only the video stream, with no Youtube logos or ads!!

  • sandopu

    I am from Pakistan. Modmyscript and Dan offered me the direkt solution. Now my visitors from Pakistan can see my website videos.
    Nice solution.

    Thank you for the fast install.

    • ModMyScript.com

      glad to hear it. we have a lot of clients from Pakistan. Welcome aboard.

  • Karl

    Crazy plugin. The best around and only one. Thanks

  • Addy

    The best plugin around. I used it for phpmelody but the team made another one for other script.

  • Alan Jackson

    The best product in its range. Works very well. I have a multi license installed on 15 websites for 3 years already.

  • Uzo

    Hi, if I use your plugin can I insert my Google Adsense? And I hope Google won’t ban it

    • ModMyScript.com

      You will be able to add your own Adsense code.
      Google won’t ban it as the videos will seem as any regular video.

  • tariq

    can it work with 2.7 and any discount?

    • ModMyScript.com

      sure it works.
      As for discount, just contact us. (see the menu)