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Vbulletin Forum is a commercial forum PHP software, considered by many to be the best on the market.

As many PHP Melody users have large community or even project to develop such a community they often choose a commercial forum as Vbulletin. Because it is the best around.
The main problem when you set up a forum is that you will have two different users databases: PHP Melody and Vbulletin one. So, your users will have to register twice…
Our plugin will solve  for you this issue.

Your  PHP Melody users will be automatically registered in PHP Melody and in Vbulletin forum as well. Moreover, once a PHP Melody user log in into the video website he will be automatically logged in the forum, too.

Plugin Features:

– the users that register in PHP Melody will be automatically registered in Vbulletin forum
– the registered users that log in into PHP Melody will be automatically logged into the forum
 easy to install: none of the Vbulletin files will be modified; none of the core PHP Melody files or database will be modified
– easy to follow tutorial


1. This plugin is compatible with VB 4. We dont provide a license for Vbulletin. As this is a commercial software it is up to you to have the forum  license. We provide only the plugin and not the Vbulletin files. Moreover, this plugin is uni-directional. It is working from PHP Melody to Vbulletin forum (registration, logging or logout functions)
2. In order to run the plugin you need installed on your server the Ioncube extensions. Check them before buying even if those are installed on 99% of all servers. You can test if you have Ioncube installed on your server.
3. We are not affiliated with Vbulletin forum producers.




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