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Version: 4.0.0 – February 8, 2017

This plugin is the perfect companion if you have a movie trailer or even a movie website.

Based on the movie title, the plugin get all the movie related movie from and show them in the video detail page. There are more than 20 different info. Including a nice and HQ movie poster.


– Fast incredible intelligent cache system (see bellow): the plugin cache all shown info
– Few of the extracted info:
title, aka name,Plot, Poster, Rating, full cast, Tagline, about the movie, Budget, Cast and Character, Company, Countries, Creators, Directors, Genres, Languages, Location, MPAA and many others
– It gets full and high quality posters
– It is smart enough to clean some movie titles you may have in the database (eg: movie – year)

Moreover, if a user clicks on any actor, the plugin shows the actor biography together with his photo.

All this is done very quickly as the plugin has the ability to cache all the info,  so for the user it is very fast.

Therefore the full process is invisible for the user but complicated for us as developper. Lets say you post a movie: “My Perfect Wife”. Once you put it online, once the first visitor see the the videos, the plugin gets the info from IMDB, it saves the text info in a local folder, it saves the movie poster. Everything in 0.2 seconds.

Once the second visitor comes to see the same page, the plugin doesnt access imdb to get the same detail for the same movie. It is very smart, so it will shows the local already saved info. This way, the reaction is incredible fast.

What if IMDB will change the movie info ? No problem, from time to time, automatically, the plugin refreshes his local info, so you will be all the time updated.


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