MyBB Forum Bridge for PHP Melody

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Version 3.0.0 – June 9, 2017

This mod will register/authenticate your new Phpmelody enabled website visitors into the forum as well. All done automatically, in an invisible way.

The bridge is between your PHPmelody enabled website and your MYBB forum


Why MyBB Forum?

– robust and powerful board
– free and open source
– huge community: 5000 members
– a lot of mods: easy to install: you need to upload them in the plugins folder and activate them. No code editing. See the mods repository here:
– a lot of themes. (one that we like it: )

More about features here:


The bridge supports the registration and login process from PHP Melody to your MyBB forum.


1. permits visitors registration/login into your phpmelody website and in your forum as well, in an invisible way.
2. the registration is compatible with the registration module of phpmelody. nothing added for your visitors.
2.a. the Video CMS (PHPMELODY) do all the usual checks on the registration. The bridge does not interfere in none of the registration procedure
2.b. if your forum is set to ask for an email confirmation, along with the (for example) the Video CMS

activation email, the user will receive from your board an activation email, as well.
3. using the language phpmelody variables you can inform your users in whatever what language about the fact they have been registered into the forum.
4. easy to install: none of the system PHPMelody system files is modified: only 10 lines of code added and a new file (copy – paste)


  • Peter J.

    This plugin made my visitors to simply expand. The team helped me with a lot of advises. Thank you so much. Great plugin.