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Latest version: 3.0.2 / June 12, 2017

The Facebook Video source will allow you to easily embed Facebook videos or even play them directly in your own player (and of course your logo).

Easy to install, you need only the Facebook link and the plugin will do the rest of the dirty job: it will get the embed code or direct video source.


– it gets either the Facebook video embed or the direct video file. That means that you will be able to play it with your own player, with your own logo.
– it is compatible with Flowplayer, Jwplayer 5 or Jwplayer 6.  If you have a custom one, it will work too
– it is compatible with the mobile version of the PHPmelody and it plays on the mobile phones (tested with Jwplayer 5 and 6)
– it gets the video thumbnail
– it gets the video title
– it gets the video description
– the plugin automatically notifies you when a new version is available.


Some nice FB accounts with videos:

– https://www.facebook.com/BestFunnyVideos2013



  • Matt

    Does it work with php melody 2.1?

    • ModMyScript.com

      Sure, it works.

  • Rishi

    Does it grab title,thumbnail and description?

    • ModMyScript.com

      Yes, We just released the version 3 and it is full packaed

  • Rishi

    Thanks for new release..and users can suggest facebook video source..right?

  • Khesie

    i bought the plugin but i don’t know how to install. Can anyone give me instruction?

    • ModMyScript.com

      The install instructions are enclosed in the plugin archive. If you still have issues we can provide you a install service in no time.

  • Salmi

    The plugin worked perfectly with the latest version of PHP Melody. (2.3.1).
    I was impressed as I got the plugin in the next 2 minutes after order. Just great.

    Smooth and nice install. Thank you for plugins and support.

  • Jan

    Does it work with the 2.4 version? Thanks.

    • ModMyScript.com

      Sure. All our plugins work with the latest PHPMelody.

  • Jan

    Thank you. Does it have any special requirements? How is it with the updates? Thanks again.

    • ModMyScript.com

      There is no special request. You may select the updates you need (3,6, 12 months or product life)