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We are able to provide in 24-48 hrs an Android working app for your website. The Android app will wrap your mobile version of your website, easy to use for your Android users as it will have a sliding menu. It works with any video cms that it works on your mobile: PHPMelody, PHPVibe, Videnox and so on.

Why having an Android App ?

  • You deserve an Android app for your website. We will provide it in no time!
  • We think that the apps for mobile are everybody! Therefore we have the lowest prices!
  • We dont use generators for your App. We code it step by step. Therefore we are able to offer you even the source.
  • Our commitment is to offer you the app in 48 hrs. Sometimes in 6 hrs only.



You may add to your app the following optional features:

1. Push notifications: The push notifications are custom coded in your app even after it has been released in the Google Play. The services are offered by and it comes with 1 million pushes / month.

More details and Order here  the Push notifications

2. Promo Mockups Package: Promote your app with theses nice mockups. More details and Order here  the Promo Mockups Package

2. Promo Banners Package: Promote your mobile app on your website and get more downloads by showing banners. The dimensions we can provide are created in 8 dimensions.

More details and Order here the Promo Package for the Android App



Android App Questions and Answers ?

1. Check some questions and answers related to the Android Apps.
2. We recommend: Just paid, what’s next ? article.
3. Do you need an App for your non music website ? We can make it !
4. This Android app is too simple ? We can make more complex apps but they will not be 20 bucks!
5. Do you like Iphone as well ? Get an app for Iphone as well. Just contact us.


Android App Specific Features

1. If ordered today it will be ready in the contracted time.
2. Admob enabled (allows to show ads in the app directly)
3. We will make the icon and the splash screen (we need the image and we will generate all the required files)
4. Updates included for 1 month (10 modifications after the app release)
5. Suitable for any mobile website (PHPMelody, regular website or WordPress, forums)
6. We can link the menu to your Facebook and Twitter pages


Android App Features

– will have an nice icon and splash screen – professionally made by us or chosen by you.
– sliding menu with the unlimited categories
– it works with any mobile website
– fully compatible with PHP Melody mobile (if you dont have it contact us to offer you 35% off of the PHP Melody mobile)
– fully compatible with any mobile website or forums
– it runs the videos in its own player (all positions, including landscape and fullscreen)
– it can show Admob ads (all the money will go to your account). You will need your free account.
– you may promote in the app any other website or page you have
– you may link your Facebook or Twitter account
– you may run your own Tv radio streamer
– you can publish it under your name or ours (in Google Play or any repository)
– you will be able to directly offer it your visitors, directly on your website
– fast answers to your questions
we provide also the same app or even more complex for iOS (Iphone or iPads)*
– we provide the source code by request *


  • Will

    I was looking to have my website converted to an android application and danny had helped me out alot.
    He made the application the way i needed with the menus and so forth which was great.
    I highly recommend modmyscript for applications and also modifications for phpmelody etc.
    Will, January 2014