PHP Melody Tutorials

Today you will see how easy is to add a video in the video CMS called PHPVibe. Check the screencast we did for one of our plugin for this CMS called Video source  for PHPvibe  

It is very important to add the proper categories for our videos. So, an hierarchical category is in this format: –MUSIC —-RAP —-ROCK and so on. You will see it in the video. It is also important for SEO purposes to add slug categories. Check the video to learn on slugs and categories below:

What is a featured video for PHPMelody ? It is one or more videos that will appear on the dedicated first page of your website. For instance, if you want only one video to appear in that section, mark only ONE video as Featured. If you want 4 videos, mark them as featured, and at […]

Basic: How to add an article in PHPmelody 2.1 and use the READ MORE function It is a good idea to use the READ MORE tag once your article is pretty long. So, when the visitors will click on the “Latest news” they will see only 10-20 lines of the article and once they will click […]

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