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09.00 AM – 6.00 PM
Over weekend we offer limited customer support.

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The Best PHP Melody Integrator

With a growing number of plugins, Modmyscript.com is the first and the best 3rd party PHP Melody plugins maker, constantly supporting the latest PHP Melody releases.

Moreover, Modmyscript.com offers special discounts coupons for PHP Melody due to its special relation with PHP Sugar, the makers of PHP Melody.

ModMyScript.com is adding new features to support existing plugins and releases new hot-valuable plugins on a regular basis, proving Modmyscript.com high-level of commitment to PHP Melody and its customers.

Moreover, since September 2014,  ModMyScript.com began to support and to make plugins for PHPVibe Video CMS.


8 Years of Experience

Since 2009 we offer plugins and services to clients from all over the world and we are truly proud of that !

When you purchase or simply use one of our software products, you will be getting more than just a download. You will also benefit from top-notch technical support designed to help you get the most from our products and assist you with any queries you have.

In the same time, since January 2013 we decided to offer plugins and addons for other scripts as well: we started with CS-Cart, Interspire Shopping Cart, WordPress and many other scripts.


The Customer Base

We have more than 2200 customers from all continents and more than 6500 active licenses (plugins or custom work scripts).

Behind the front shop, we have a full offer of 180 products (plugins, full scripts or custom work) with price range from $5 to $5500.




In the same time we offer

– the first and the best PHP Melody plugins developer
– huge PHP Melody development experience
– the biggest high-quality PHP Melody plugin product-line
– massive customers and user-base.
– the plugins are used on hundreds of PHP Melody websites
– customer service / support is top-notch.


The team

Daniel – ModMyScript.com manager

He loves programming even if he works in the legal field. He wrote 2 books on the international law (avail. on the Amazon) and he works on a third one.
Daniel started ModMyScript.com in 2009 as a small project around PHPMelody.
He manages all the company websites: the corporate websites, the support systems, the licensing servers, the server managing.
Also he creates plugins, offers support to the clients, creates the documentation, runs with Mark the future development of the business.
He drives a VW and he is crazy about gadgets… and pizza.

Daniel keeps the liaison with our European clients as well as he speaks English and French.



Other members

– Elise
– Peter
– Andreea




– Over 2200 clients
– Over 6500 licenses
– Over 250 products and 500 different small packages/mods
– Over 25 million requests to our licensing server each month
– Clients from over 20 countries










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