Artist Biography Plugin for PHP Melody

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This great plugin will automatically generate the biography for any artist of your PHP Melody website.
It is like magic.  You don’t need to copy paste all the info. This plugins will do it for you. Automatically.



– the plugin can be enabled/disabled from the admin area
– easy to install on the video page:you need to add only a smarty variable ( as {$artistbio} )
– you can place the biography in any place you want on the video page
– the plugin comes with a “Show more” plugin already installed (it shows by default few lines from the autobiography and when the visitor clicks on “more” link, the full biography shows – note that this feature is optional, you can choose to directly show the full biography at any moment)
– the admin can choose to show the full biography under the video player or a short biography summary in any other place on the video page.
– the plugin is smart enough to detect not fully written artists name (if you have Beatles, the plugin will automatically assume and show The Beatles biography) Eg: We mispelled AC/DC but the plugin get the correct artist name. Moreover, even if we dont have the artist name correctly written (Zeljko Joksimovic instead of Željko Joksimović the plugin gets the corrected artist biography)
– compatible with other non-latin chars (Eg: Russian, Turkish)
– easy to follow tutorial
– full compatibility with PHP Melody (all versions)

Special Requirements: An API account  ( and the video title to be in the format: Singer – Song


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