Hosting, plugins, services seasoned with speed and security

Hosting, plugins, services seasoned with speed and security. This is a recipe in fact for success. You need a fast and secure server, you need a good administrator behind together with a good script and the best plugins. This can be a recipe for success.

Let’s face it. Many of us are only a number for many hosting companies: Client 2944. They dont even care and have no idea what is PHPMelody or Videnox or PHPvibe.

That’s why we continue our offer released 2 years ago: we offer you premium or shared hosting on our dedicated servers.

You will get all in one package: premium hosting, best plugins for each plan, various services.

Let’s be honest: How many time you wanted more details from the hosting company in terms of how the script works ? C’mon, they dont know and dont even care ..

We are in the hosting business since 2010 and we are keep going with servers in USA, UK, France, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

PS: We will offer soon the best offers for VPS as well.

Just check our offer