A new video source: Google Drive to PHPMelody

We have the pleasure to announce you the release of a new plugin: Google Drive Video for PHPMelody. 

This plugin allows the admin and visitors to add videos from Google Drive to PHPMelody and have them played with the default phpmelody player, with your own logo and without the Google Drive ads.

This way, your visitors won’t be bothered by their ads and your website will seem more important as the videos will be served directly in your player.

The video extraction engine is very fast and we working all the time to improve it.


  1. The plugin works for the admin and for the visitors as well. The admin and visitors need only the Google Drive video link and the plugin does the job
  2. It gets the video title, description and thumbnail
  3. It gets the direct video source, so it can be played in any player. This way, your visitors will not see the Google Drive player but yours, with your own logo


Find out more and order it on the product page here