• Multi Versions Youtube Video Downloader

    Allow your users to download the Youtube videos

    1. nice and clean plugin 2. it shows all the available Youtube videos for your users 3. it requires our Proxy Plugin for Youtube 4. easy to install

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  • Youtube Video Uploader

    Your users will upload any videos directly to Youtube from your PHPMelody. Totally invisible.

    Your users will silently upload their videos directly to Youtube and once approved they will appear on your website. NO SERVER BANDWIDTH FROM YOUR SIDE ! NO NEED TO CONVERT THE UPLOADED VIDEOS!

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  • Have your app for Android !

    Any website needs more mobility than ever. Get your own Android App for your website now !

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Your plugins are truly fantastic. I bought PHP Melody because of you!

Thank You! The Multi Video Proxy looks fantastic. The quality of the picture and sound is incredible. Very High Definition.It is so funny the video you chose for the demo. I say this because I have been watching that video using the old version for the last hour. It is a great concert with Simon and Garfunkel.
Have a super evening Mark and say hi to Danny if you see him.

Thanks a lot for your excellent support! I’m liking very much your mods and your help.